Saturday, January 5, 2013

The perfect waffles are (gasp!) gluten-free!

After all this time searching for the perfect waffle recipe, the one I've finally settled on doesn't even have any flour in it!

The recipe for Nourishing Grain-Soaked Waffles is from a Bastyr dietetic intern who shared it with staff and faculty this fall during the always-informative lunch-and-learn series. Both times I've gone to the series, I've stashed away the recipes with plans to make every tasty dish again. But so far this is the only one I've managed to get around to.

Which is weird, since this recipe involves a bit more planning than most of the others. Because there's no flour in the recipe, you instead have to soak two cups of grains in water overnight, and in the morning you just blend the grains with the remaining ingredients into a thick, gooey batter. Buckwheat groats and millet are used in the recipe, but we were told any grain combination would work.

The end result is a hardy, delicious waffle that's filling and actually nutritious, which is not something you would expect from a breakfast waffle!

Well, I'll fix that the next time I make them when I add some bacon and cheese in the waffle iron!

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