Saturday, November 20, 2010

How to destroy a Spanish Tortilla

The first time I made Tortilla Espanola, it was beautiful and delicious. But no, I didn't take a picture. Instead, you only get a photo of the Spanish Tortilla that I destroyed this morning.

Sorry about the lighting. But really, the shadows tell you more than a flash could anyway. There aren't supposed to be peaks and valleys in a tortilla, it's supposed to be a fluffy, flat potato-onion-egg dish that's perfect as a main course, a side dish or an appetizer, for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

In this case, it was just inedible.

Not only was I unable to correctly turn it over, but alas, I didn't even cook the potatoes all the way before adding the eggs. And the outside parts that were cooked were burned because I haven't yet mastered the use of the cast-iron skillet.

All that for this mess. Ugh.

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