Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A more grown-up take on cupcakes

Since I've already broken the dam on touting local venues that I like, why stop now?

Last week, a friend of mine from out of town was visiting, and we went to his brother's cupcake shop in Belltown, The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co. Now I am no connoisseur of cupcakes -- Mom ruined me at a young age so that I typically don't like frosting, and I find cupcakes extremely difficult to eat. (Both of which I am using as excuses for waiting until my friend came to visit to finally give his brother's shop a try.)

So I was pleasantly surprised 1) that my freshly baked Raspberry Chocolate cupcake (below) wasn't dry and crumbly like the first cupcake I had at one of Seattle's many cupcake shops, 2) that the Italian buttercream frosting wasn't sweet and coating but light and delicious, and 3) that a plate and utensils were provided so I didn't look like a child after eating my child-size treat.

The owners, Mike and Tony, are also a big part of why the shop is a draw. Unlike some of the other cupcake shops in the city, they're actually there every day, talking with their extremely friendly customers and open to all of their suggestions for future flavors.

Unfortunately I couldn't get down there early enough in the day for the Pancakes n' Bacon special. Seriously! What will they come up with next?


  1. LOVE the Yellow Leaf cupcakes! A coworker catered an event with a variety of flavors from Yellow Leaf. The Eggnog were my favorite. I'm also a big fan of the Trophy cupcakes, but my one experience with Cupcake Royale was disappointing.