Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Only in L.A.: Korean BBQ Cook-Off

Before I get sidetracked by my real life, I thought I'd share some (cell phone!) photos from the Korean BBQ Cook-Off that we went to in Los Angeles' K-Town over the weekend. Talk about great timing. Entry was free, and food/drink tickets cost $5 each. It was a bargain: At the O Dae San booth, I got a dish of pork belly with rice and salad AND a Vietnamese iced coffee for one ticket.

But first we rushed into one of the lengthier lines for something none of us had ever seen before in Seattle: a Kalbi Burger, which looks just like a regular burger except that the meat is oh so much tastier.

I also was tempted by these unique Korean-style hot dogs from the Seoul Sausage Company, which puts Kalbi in a hot dog. Yum!

But besides the fact that it was enormous, it came with a huge dollop of kimchi on top. Unfortunately, I'm still trying to acquire a desire for kimchi, but it's probably just because I'm a spicy-hot wussy. But since I love sauerkraut, I'm hopeful that maybe someday I can can find it in my taste buds to love kimchi, too.

We also watched a Choco Pie eating contest, which grossed me out so much that I had to seek out and try one of the extremely dry Korean snacks, as well as a Soju drink contest that introduced us to the K-Town Cowboys.

And check out these crazy ice cream flavors from Scoops:

Yes, that says Kimchi and Roasted Corn. There also was Black Sesame and Bean Curd, but let's not forget Oreo (who's the target audience for that flavor?) and Chocolate Guinness. Random, for sure.

But still, I'm hoping some of these creations make their way into our neck of the woods, just maybe for Seattle's own Korean BBQ Cook-Off.

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