Monday, August 9, 2010

Top Ramen: It's not just for college students

There's nothing like coming home from an exhausting trip to a kitchen devoid of anything edible but nonperishable foods.

But at least I lucked out with the timing on this trip. Even though I'll be unable to pop over to the grocery store in the next few days, I just so happened to get a shipment of fruits and veggies from Full Circle Farm. All the better to make my favorite comfort foods yet still stay healthy.

A frequent dish at Mom's is Top Ramen, except it looks a lot more like the picture on the package than what you get when you follow the directions. And follow the directions she doesn't. Instead of using water and the flavor packet, Mom uses her homemade chicken broth and any other spices she's in the mood for, including sesame oil, spicy chili with garlic (or sliced jalapeno or other spicy peppers if you have them) and soy sauce.

While you're getting the noodles ready, simply slice up whatever fresh produce you'd like to add, such as lettuce, tomatoes and green onions. I used red lettuce and escarole that was delivered this morning, and I don't even know what escarole is. Tasted good in the ramen, though!

And the end result is a bowl full of belly-warming goodness.

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