Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The perfect pancake for any meal

Seriously, who doesn't love a little breakfast for dinner? Especially when there's bacon involved. No, I didn't just hop on the bacon bandwagon because of Bacon Salt, although I am a fan and the Mmmvelopes idea is intriguing indeed. But my doctor mentioned something about how bad butter is, so I've been substituting bacon fat instead (and no, I did not run that by her first!).

The combination of sweet and savory is just so dang nummy. I mean, how good does this Maple Bacon Bar look?

So when I decided I couldn't stand to look at those apples that have been in my fridge for I don't know how many months, I just couldn't get this always-perfect Big Apple Pancake from Gourmet out of my head. But why use 1/4 c. of butter when you can use bacon fat instead? It even melts faster and has less risk of burning, and it made my cast-iron skillet happy, too.

As for the flavor, delicious. Not much bacon flavor, but enough to give it an edge. And it smelled so good on the stove!

By the way, Sunset magazine just published its version of a similar Apple Oven Pancake, which I haven't tried yet. Sounds like it's time for a compare and contrast party!

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